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Why Take The Courses?


Are you passionate about all the immersive technologies that are on the rise? Do you have creative ideas you want to realize but don't know precisely how? In these courses, you will learn how to create top-notch immersive experiences and develop high-level VR, AR and MR content. From the very basics of code and design, the roots of Virtual Reality, and a vibrant network of passionate tech-savvy people: We've got you covered. Learn how to turn your creative ideas into reality with no prior coding experience required. 



Learn From The Best

Quality content is essential. You can be confident that the skills we teach will prepare you for the real world. We choose mentors who are industry professionals, with years of hands-on experience.



Make $50k To $200k

Based on US Job data the estimated salary for VR, AR and MR developers lies between $50k and $200k. The market is continuously growing, tech is evolving, and the demand for content creators is getting bigger and bigger. Recent studies say already by 2021 the market for VR/AR is going to have an estimated growth of $208 billion. Do you want to be part of it?



Your Mini-Degree

When you have successfully mastered one of our courses, you will receive a certificate as a proof of your work and effort. With your personalized mini-degree, it will be a lot easier to apply for jobs in the industry and you will have made your first step as a developer for immersive technologies.




Start from Scratch


For our first modules, there is no prior skills or knowledge needed. We will meet you at your current level, so you can get started in coding for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. From the very basics to a highly advanced level, we can help you to master the latest tools and technology. The courses are based on Unity 2018.1, and we'll be with you every step of the way.


Working with

See what people are saying that recently have been working with us

"Dinesh has been teaching VR/MR at the VR Developers Berlin Meetup for a while. If you are newbie or advanced, his teaching is crisp clear and super smooth. He ll get you into Virtual-, Augmented-, and Mixed Reality coding like magic."

Carl White
CEO Meshicon

"The course was really amazing. It was very informative and fun. Dinesh is a great teacher and very skilled and experienced in VR. In one week I learned enough to set my own VR project. Thanks!"

Grigory Gusev
Student @ BTK Berlin

"I was amazed at how fast my first VR project was up and running while taking Dinesh's class. He is a great teacher, and his workshops are not only packed with valuable information but also fun!"

Co-Founder @ VR-BEAR & VR Enthusiast from day one

So, shall we show you how to get into immersive development in next to nothing?

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