At Imersity we are here to help you overcome the challenge to start working with something you love which has the potential to shape the future. But who are we exactly? We are two guys from Berlin, driven by a deep passion for immersive realities – let us introduce ourselves.

Meet Your Mentor And Master

Co-Founder of Imersity and your extraordinary teacher. Dinesh Punni has over six years of first-hand experience with Unity and VR/AR development. Having taught hundreds of students at BTK University Berlin and given first-class workshops at VR events, he knows how to get you going. He developed on research projects in the medical sector, knows the HoloLens as good as you know your best friend, and is always a step ahead in the industry. Ready to share his precious knowledge with you!


He had an idea...

The second co-founder is the marketing magician and communications counselor Marc. He is the driving force behind the project, responsible for the future development of the company. Initially coming from a Film and Marketing background, his path led him once around the globe, from Mainz over Bangkok to Berlin. It was in the Thai capital that he first got in touch with immersive media like VR and AR – to keep it short: It was love at first sight. Being a passion-driven VR, AR and MR Enthusiast it became clear what was to do when he and Dinesh met. An idea was planted and started to grow – to evolve – to develop into something bigger. Making the world learn and understand how immersive media is going to change the world.

Back to the roots


Knowledge is one of the, if not the most valuable resource we have. It gives us the power to evolve and makes being a human so individual. A fact which is nothing new to the world. In 859 the first University of humanity was built and established in Fez. The idea: Spread and teach knowledge to drive change.

Some things change – some do not. In the year 2019 we know acquiring knowledge has to happen in an environment which suits you best, no matter where you are or what your background is. That is why we chose to establish an online platform which has it all in once place. Your courses, your progress, your community.

The university for immersive content


Combining the old tradition of spreading knowledge with the passion for immersive media and technology of tomorrow  is what we are aiming for, it is our goal, target, passion, and vision. That's how and why we created a place to bring together the concepts of immersive content with the knowledge transfer of a university.


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